All about our wonderful
sauces, chutneys, and dry spices!

Our Simmer Sauces

Our Curry-Delights Simmer Sauces

Taste the difference.

We start by sourcing fresh vegetables and wholesome quality ingredients.
We mix, blend and slow-cook these with our special spices to release the full flavors to create the BEST SIMMER SAUCE that you will ever find.
Remember, our simmer sauces contain the highest quality ingredients that are ALL NATURAL.

Make a quick, healthy, delicious dinner tonight. Try one of our simmer sauces.

We guarantee you will love it!

Our Dry Spices

Our Curry-Delights Dry Spices

Our spices are freshly ground to ensure their sharp aroma and nuanced flavor...

Herbs & Spices enhance the taste of foods. They can make a dish zesty, or sweet, or spicy, or herby—but always delicious.  Spices have many health benefits too!  At Curry-Delights we source the highest quality herbs & spices, slow roast them and grind them to perfection. Enjoy our home-made spices and blends. You can taste the difference!

Our Chutneys

Our Curry-Delights Chutneys

Chutneys add zing to any food.

Our Spicy & sweet condiments are full of flavor and texture. Spread it on toast or have it accompany your curried Indian dishes. Add some ZEST to your food.

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